Our Story

Meet Heavenly London, the pioneers in imitation diamond jewellery. Founded in 1993 by Belinda Scott, Heavenly London was born out of a desire to create covetable pieces for friends and family. 

With daughter, Madeleine, now at the helm, the same ethos remains today as always; to create luxury jewellery that’s accessible to all. 

A favourite with modern women who value variety as much as craftsmanship, the brand has evolved, expanding beyond its necklace origins, to bring imitation diamonds and demi-fine jewellery to your entire jewellery collection. 

Made With Care

Sustainability plays a huge part in everything we do. We believe that all businesses no matter what size, have an important role to play to meet the environmental, social and economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. 

That’s why we use responsibly-sourced sustainable metals and gem stones, conflict-free imitation diamonds, use recyclable packaging that reduces the impact on our planet, and ensure that everyone in our supply chain is paid fairly and works in a safe environment.