Lovely customers. I hope you are doing well and managing to navigate this uncertain sea in the best way possible.

An update into how we are managing things on our end:

        • -We've moved the office out of London temporarily and are operating from Wiltshire with a reduced staff of 1 person.
        • -The local post office is run by two fabulous women who wear gloves and sit between a divider when we drop your parcels off.
        • -We've noticed that the Royal Mail has slowed down delivery -which you will have found on any other online orders you've placed so thank you for bearing with us. 
        • - Special Delivery is still being prioritised and most SD parcels are arriving the following working day.
        • -Our post office has a strict social distancing policy which only allows one person in at a time (this makes for extremely long queue's!).
        • -We are not accepting exchanges for the time being.
        • -We are monitoring our own health carefully and take precautions from our end including: all jewellery stays in it's closed individual wrapper until packaged, no exchanges, jewellery is only handled by one person.


    I should add that on a personal note, I am 32 weeks pregnant (as at 20.4.2020) and am being extra cautious about my surrounding environment and the environment of your jewellery.

    Thank you for your continued patience and every single ounce of your support during this time. It means the world.

    Lots of love, Maddy, B & Clem